Friday, October 3, 2008

A Few Rules...

Before launching into any massive tirades about what we've seen, we thought it would be prudent to publish a short, partial list of some of the "rules" most frequently broken on the bus/metro. As always, if you have more you'd like to add to post on here yourself just email

While these are not exhaustive, these are the ones we see the most often:

1. Sitting on the outside seat of a two-seater when no one is sitting in the window seat. It's even worse if you put a bag or some other object on the window seat to 'claim' it. If you do this during rush hour, you should be severely punished.

2. Sitting on a bench/sideways seat and taking up more than one seat. We know, the seats are small and it's awkward to get so close to a stranger. Deal with it. It's just obnoxious for you to be taking up even part of more than one seat, especially when people are standing.
**Caveat: If you're really just a 'big person' and can't fit on one seat, then get off our bus and walk. You could probably use the exercise. And DON'T go sit in a two-seater and take up both of them. That's even worse.

3. Loudly talking on your cell phone. In fact, even if you're being quiet about it it's rather annoying. Nothing is happening on the trip while you're on the bus that can't wait for you to get off. It's rude to be thrusting your life and conversations onto the other riders while in a confined space. Be patient, talk when you're off the bus

4. This one's for the driver: Open the back door of the bus! Don't make anyone shout to the front that the back door needs opened. Just do it. Especially if it's rush hour and you know people are crowded in like sardines back there. You have a rear-view mirror; please use it.

5.Asking for someone else's seat.
At least a half dozen times we've been sitting on a bus or metro and a perfectly able-bodied person has asked us if we're "Using that seat" or if we "Mind getting up". Yes, we're using it, we're sitting in it! And we DO mind!
Now, if someone with a clear physical need for the seat or an older person were to approach us, that's a horse of a different color. But it's the sheer audacity of others that bothers us.

And here's where we'll go on a rant: Many people are under the impression that any lady of any age should be given priority for a seat by any gentleman not in real physical need of the seat. We beg to differ.

While this 'chivalrous' notion is quaint and makes some people feel good, it's simply not realistic. Now, we totally believe in gender equality and women's rights. Totally. That's why we think the standards should be equal. If an older, impaired, or disabled woman wants the seat, have it. Same for an older, impaired, or disabled man. Period. But don't tell us you deserve a seat because you're a 'lady'. If you want to travel back in time, give up your vote and we'll give up our seat. No? We didn't think so.

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