Friday, October 24, 2008

In case I don't see you - Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Goodnight!

Hey everyone - my name is Tim and I am one of the new members of the Connetiquette blog team.  Some people prefer to call this blog CAMP, but I'm going to stick with Connetiquette for now - probably until I get too lazy to write it all out.  I just figured I would say hey to you all before unleashing my first few posts on you.  I generally don't believe in the standards of conventional written English, so I apologize in advance for that.  I love the ellipses (...), I have developed a fond love affair with the dash (-) as of late, and I've also been known to litter my writing too many commas (,).

Also I'd like to note that certain authors and posters qualify their postings with a 'we' - I would like to say now, that I am not a part of 'we'.  Although 'we' may represent ideas stolen from me, I did not participate in the post -- and to be honest I am not quite sure who 'we' are/is?

I recently graduated from The George Washington University with a degree in Geography, a minor in GIS, and a fond (sometimes insane) obsession with urban and transportation policy.  I love cars, but I love mass-transit as well - both have a place in our society and one day I hope we will find a balance between the two.  Also I love wikipedia, and will be linking to it (and a bunch of other things) all the time in my posts.  I suggest you get a tabbed browswer and click any links to open new tabs - it allows you to keep reading what you are reading and store the interesting links for later.

If you ever have any questions - feel free to comment/reply to any of my posts, I enjoy the feedback and discussions.  It's been good to meet you ...


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