Monday, January 12, 2009

Why we should love Sliced Bread

When, i was a kid, my mom use to say " That is the Best thing since sliced bread", well i kinda thought the dinosaurs invented sliced bread, thus everything was cool since the dinosaurs. However, i grossly over estimated the luxury of sliced bread. I will not make this another study abroad blog, but rather a interesting post on what life would be like without sliced bread.

After going to Tesco, a English grocery store, I noticed none of the bread in the store is sliced. I thought the English were backwards with their use of Microsoft Outlook, and a computer lab full of Microsoft 2000 (ME). Yet I still had hope that it would stop there, but apparently they do not slice their bread. Although they have a better recycling center, including using 98% of a demolished building to create another one. 

It takes several attempts to cut one's own bread. I was not really sure how large to make the piece. Also, i never eat the ends first because the whole roll will get stale if i do that. So with my Blunt Knife i hacked away at this loaf. Let me tell you, i must like my sandwiches thin, because that's the way it came out.

If anyone thinks they can cut their own bread, i say bring it, i would like to see a proper method. This Idiot vegetarian  attempts to explain it here 


Mike said...

If the purpose of writing is to share valuable information, you, Sir, have failed miserably.

PAW said...

Patchus, you're an idiot,

Go to the bakery and ask them to slice your bread for you, they have a machine that does it.

God americans, always needing their hand held.