Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Screen on the Green: Nope.


Friend of the blog, TA, has alerted us that Screen on the Green will not be occuring this summer.  We don't have much information as of this time, other than an unofficial confirmation from the National Park Service.

At this point HBO has not applied for an permitting in relation to the Screen on the Green series, and knowing the headache in getting a permit from the NPS, you would assume they would have done so by this point.

So ... enjoy your outdoor movies somewhere else ... :-/


Sean said...

I know it's not in the summer, but Program Board at GWU will do at least one movie on U-Yard this fall.

PAW said...

It´s b-c i´m not there...what´s the point without me drunk and screaming the ending at the crucial point in the film?