Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thursday Morn

Happy Thursday!


First order of business, our great friend Cocktail (aka Marc) has posted a long-overdue note on his blog (Marc's GChat Status Expanded). Some will recall that we led a successful write-in campaign for Marc to include Pittsburgh as a separate entry in his 'Why do people like being from...' series. Well, I ran into Marc last weekend and he promised if the Steelers won the Super Bowl he'd do the post asap.

Well it's finally ready.

If you like Pittsburgh, it's worth a read. If you hate Pittsburgh, it's worth a read, too. While trashing on some of our (my) worse habits, he also admits to some of the good things.

Read it here

Iceland: Gay

In other news, Iceland new PM is an open lesbian. Johanna Sigurdardottir took over after her predecessor stepped down for health reasons, after announcing that elections are to be held later this spring.

Leave it to Iceland figure out the wisdom of putting a gay in charge after their entire economy has collapsed. In any case, good luck!!

You're getting very sleepy...

It looks like someone may take on Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman in 2012. Those of you with a conscience will remember that Ned Lamont won the Democratic primary against Lieberman a few years back. But Lieberman (DINO) still won the seat. He now identifies as an "Independent Democrat" in the Senate. What does that mean? It means he does what he wants, endorses the Republican candidate for President, speaks at their convention, and yet somehow retains the Chairmanship of a powerful committee while the Democrats have a strong majority in the Senate. The only possible explanation is that he's a hypnotist. Perhaps a witch-doctor. In any case, I hope this guy has what it takes to get rid of this Democrat in Name Only.


More later, it's still early...

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