Friday, March 13, 2009


I thought Bojangles (Jim Graham) being Chairman of the WMATA board was going to be a good thing for everyone.

Nope - turns out he is out to screw us over again.  That's right -- Bojangles is at it again.

This lovely article (here) quotes him as being vehmently against fare increases, he doesn't even want them discussed.

If you weren't aware Metro still has a $29m shortfall for their upcoming fiscal budget.  The news this week is that they want to use Federal Stimulus money to operate (exactly what it shouldn't be used for).  Which is unreal.  Bojangles would rather cut service than raise fares -- which is ridiculous.

You can not be cutting service.  No way.  No how.  No Graham.

Do what is right ... raise fares.


bothsidesofthefence said...

As much as I don't want WMATA to do another fare hike, I'd much rather see that happen than service cuts. WMATA's service is already kind of awful sometimes, and I'd hate to see them deliberately make service cuts in to all the track work that needs to be done.

P.S. - Props for calling Jimbo "bojangles" lol.

Tim S said...

I know -- Service on Metro is slow and too infrequent as is ... I don't understand how Bojangles can really be supporting service cuts.

I don't want to pay more ... but if it is necessary, then it is necessary. They have already cut positions and deferred maintenance. A fare hike is the only option.

They also really need to get an unlimited ride Monthly pass for Metrorail and Metrobus

Logan said...

Why do you hate poor people/ me, tim.

Tim S said...

funny logan ... i personally feel that poor people will be hurt more by service cuts than fare increases. especially since the fare increases will be modest anyway