Friday, April 3, 2009

Sucess, Failure and ???


  • Success
  1.  Google Search - Easily one of the best search engines out there, with everything at the click of a bottom. It provides the best searches, and in a godly quick fashion. It has really been what google has strive on. The google search design is really where it got started. Its simple, sometime funny design 'Google' is all that sat on the first page. The term google, originally mean to describe a number now became a Company and a Verb. Something only Shakespeare could do.
  2. GMAIL - Abbreviated for Google Maile, GMAIL continues to increase the Market share on Internet web browser email. With contracts to schools like GW and Hofstra Gmail continues to grow. The simple design with the send bottom at the bottom has propelled its success under average users. Where google really does well in Gmail is their ability to fit the needs of the user. If you get 1000 emails a minute, Google allows filters, and labels to help you organize, something other web emails do not do.
  3. Calendar and Doc's - Now with PDF and Tasking, it makes reading and scheduling a lot easier.
  4. Reader- Most likely how some of you will be reading this!
  5. Maps/Street View
  • Failures
  1. Orkut- ??? Feature linked here . This was google's attempt to take over Facebook. What happen, I'm not really too sure. Introducing a new social networking site may have been a bit too early, especially when facebook was doing so well.  Although thousands of users complain about the new(er(er(er))) facebook, they still continue to have hits on the website.  I feel like someone in high school made this website for a class and sold it to google. I honestly hope google does not invest time in money on this, because it looks really sad.
  2. Knol ??? Linked Google's version of wikipedia. Fail! Another early release, and much needed work on the site has prevented a mass exodus against wikipedia. Although there have been talks that google did not intend to infiltrate the non-profit, it still makes google's web developers look pathetic.
  3. Notebook- Not even available as a plug in for chrome, it appears google gave up on the side project
  • Ok, why google?
  1. Sketch 3D - Although i have always wanted to draw the Underground in a 3 dimensional way, i don't know why google invested in this. I think all of six people use it to be honest.
  2. Sites - I think only Mike has ever used this feature. I have attempted to make several using patch stats, but i found it too confusing at some stages. I think it has potential, but what market is google going after?
  3. Patent - oh right Coca Cola has a patent, why is google telling me this?
  4. And Lastly ... Google Sets? I don't think anyone has heard of this, but if you write five things that are common google can make a list of 75 things in common. Example - Colors Blue, Green Orange, White Black Pink... gives you 75 colours.

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