Friday, April 3, 2009

Where have we been?

From Ireland

Updates on our Readers and Writers 
  • Tim  Graduated preschool got a new job with G.W. . Since he will be working with The George Washington University his email(s) will remain the same. Although his knew blackberry has google talk, and the chirping noise. His job still does not provide him a computer, sounds a lot like bisnow if you know what i mean.
  • Charlie finally slept! He slept after reading [insert actual amount here Charlie]  essays and applications, Charlie helped pickour future (or at least GW's). He also has been traveling the country a lot, preventing him from posting his favourite places to eat in DC. 
  • Morgan is still basking in the glory of March 17th. Just a reminder, that was half a month ago.
  • Patchus has been too busy Exploring the world, and taking pictures.  Studying Abroad is Stressful.
  • Lori is on her way to getting her masters, and is only a class or two away.
  • Marc Abanto finally got let into the party of the the Real World. He now works for a campaign, and could really use your help.  Email him if you want to intern, work or even just help him out.
  • Chris "Friend" Rotella & Katie Ross both got into Grad School, though for different reasons, Rotella to establish a monoplistic empire (an MBA), and Katie to study it... as long as it is in America.
If some how I missed your update, please reply to this thread

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