Thursday, December 11, 2008

I mean come on ... you have to be joking

Okay ... don't get me wrong, as a GW Alum I am extremely excited that the ol' Alma Mater has a float in the Inaugural parade.

But honestly ... if you were on the float chosing committe and saw this --

would you chose it?  Honestly ... I wouldn't.  It looks ridiculous.

Anyway - congrats GW!  Read the press release!

Does this mean that GW's I-Ball becomes an official ball now?  who knows ... that'd be cool

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Morgan said...

As a GW Alum I'm honestly going to be embarrassed by this float. I've spent years explaining to my extended family that I attended George Washington and NOT Georgetown. And now as they sit at home on January 20th watching the Inaugural Parade they're going to see this monstrosity representing me and my alma mater.

Yes, it's really cool that GW gets a float. Yes, I really hope I'm wrong about this. But really...? That's the best we could do??