Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long Time No See

Alright, I admit-- I've been pretty laid back about this whole 'blogging' thing. But I'm making it a pre-New Year's resolution to be better about this and write more than monthly. I'm also going to start just interjecting my own personal musings on more than the usual DC/transportation-y schtuff.

There are many things to post, notice, write about, rant about, etc. But as a denizen of the Adams Morgan area, it seems appropriate to start off with the shocking/disturbing/tragic news of two gun-related crimes in the neighborhood last night. I had the shock of hearing one of them from my living room. Needless to say: shocking.

Here's the story from Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham:

"Dear Friends, This proved to be a night of terrible tragedy as two young men were shot, one shot dead, at Champlain and Kalorama.

I have just returned from the crime scene…with gratitude for the presence of Mayor Fenty and Chief Groomes.

True madness, as the shooters literally passed by an MPD squad car (parked on a robbery patrol) –and then just feet from the police, opened fire into a group of youths. The officers, to their credit, gave chase after hearing some six shots. Bedlam ensured. But no one was captured or arrested.

That happened about 8:10 PM. But within two hours, as many as 16 shots were fired on the 1400 block of Girard (perhaps in related retaliation?). Thank God no one was injured or hit.

We are about commence construction to open up thta dead-end street at the foot of Champlain. With so little night time traffic or commerce, it has been an invitation to problems and crime.

As we know, there are active gangs or crews in this area and on Girard. Hopefully this will not lead to another spate of violence.

There have been in the past several months, a lot of shots in the area of Champlain and Kalorama but the community has been working with MPD, and myself, and we were getting some very positive results. Until tonight.

The was, according to the police, the first homicide this year in Adams Morgan' although there has been violence.

I am unable to release the identity of the homicide victim at this time. But for now, let me repeat–This is a true tragedy.

With sincere sympathy to those who love these young men, Councilmember Jim Graham"

WP also has a story on it too.

Tragic and scary.

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