Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Other News...

Bailouts, Blago, 'Bama, oh my!

Maybe it's just me, but I'm tired of hearing about money we're never going to see again, maddeningly corrupt politicians, and that Obama guy. So here's the real news of the day...

Feudalism is dead! Long live the Queen!
Yes, feudalism. The tiny island of Sark, a 2sq mile pseudo-sovereign part of the Channel Islands (U.K.), has decided to give-in to 19th century convention and dismantle its feudal system. The island held elections on Wednesday and will seat its new legislature in January. Sark is internationally recognized as the very last place on Earth with a feudal system. It's only one baby step at a time though: as a British crown dependency Queen Elizabeth II is still their monarch.

Also of note, the Seigneur (feudal lord) of Sark has the sole right to keep pigeons and unspayed female dogs on the island. Talk about perks...

Viva la vino!
Per DCist, the fight to celebrate Barry O's inauguration in true American style continues. Long story short: DC decided to let drinkers drink all night before/during/after Inauguration Day. A couple of teetotaling U.S. Senators wagged their fingers and said it was a bad idea. So the DC Council Chairman told them to mind their own business. Now there's a petition and all kinds of protesty ways to get involved and Kwame Brown wants to hear from you. So do your patriotic duty!

Poor, Poor Hillz

As if things haven't gone bad enough for poor old Hillary Clinton, now they're cutting her salary. Because of a teensy little section of the Constitution, Hillary's salary as Secretary of State will be $4,700 less than that of current SoS Condoleeza Rice. The Constitution prohibits members of Congress from later benefiting from salary increases they voted for so Hillary will have to return to the former (not-so-shabby) salary: $186, 600.

This, of course, comes on the heels of Hillary investing more than $10 million of her & Bill's money in her less-than-successful presidential campaign. Oh yeah, and then there's all that other debt from the campaign that she's still trying to pay off. Again, duty calls.

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Poor Hils' health care plan mores like is going to happen to that...probably nothing :(