Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Morning

... and in case I don't see you, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Goodnight!  
(Just watch the first 10-15 seconds)

Okay, now on to some more important business... Anyone else a little tired of these ridiculous Pittsburgh posts?

1. Over at WaPo they published an opinion article from some nut-job former employee, Jeanne McManus, who basically says that Obama was wrong to comment on how Washingtonians can't deal with the weather.  You can read it for yourself, here, her main defense is not that we can handle weather well (because we can't), but that we can handle other things.  Are you kidding me?  I'm sorry, there are two things that every Washingtonian must recognize:
1. No one in the Metropolitan Washington Area knows how to handle weather of any kind - whether that be snow or rain - or anything else mother nature throws at us.
2. People from Maryland do not know how to drive, Virgina drivers are slightly better, and DC drivers are just a tad better than that.

2. Ummmm ... Another score for Washingtonians.  Yesterday a man was attacked at the corner of 14th and Parkwood in Columbia Heights - around 5pm.  He laid on the ground, unable to get up, for about 20 minutes before someone helped him.  People were passing him by, walking around him, walking over him -- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Would it have killed you to take out your cell phone and call 911.  WaPo has the article here.  Bonjangles is 'disappointed' and I am pissed at the lack of common decency displayed.

3. Patchus is so obsessed with Google he apparently wants to name his daughter Google.  This is on the great rumor/news this week about GDrive.  We have heard about GDrive for probably a good 2 or 3 years, but in the past week we have seen code in Picasa and around other Google web products mentioning the GDrive.  While this could just be another rumor, and have another purpose- I would be so excited if Google launched a drive.  We need more space in our own personal cloud to store things - and Google does everything so well.

4. Mac & Cheese.  I made Mac and Cheese this past weekend, and today The Paper of Record had a great article about it, here.  You never really think about how many different ways there are to make it - but there are.  They ended up making Martha Stewart's 'Perfect' Mac & Cheese, but also mentioned Ina Garten's and Alton Brown's as good varieties.

5. Verizon FiOS.  America.  The Senate's version of the stimulus bill would likely make Verizon eligible for over $1 Billion in tax credits for bringing extremely high speed broadband (100 Mbps) to our great nation.  Verizon, I want you now.

6. A nice closer.  I borrowed this from Friend of the blog, Tim, over at The 42 Bus.  It's a little long, and normally I wouldn't watch it - but its kind of interesting:

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