Friday, January 30, 2009


So while I have been wasting time blogging on another blog I have gathered important information for all to read. Since I appear to be the movie critic I figured I would make one more suggestion before this week ends.

Helvetica ( a font) is used almost everywhere. The Documentary is pretty interesting, and really gets the mind thinking of fonts in the 20th/21st century.

-Why does google have more themes for igoogle then gmail; shouldn't they be the same?
- Google is coming out with the G-Drive ( as mentioned earlier ), personal space for either free or a reducedcost always makes me happy.

On Stumble Upon (Here)
- It is like the Pandora for the Internet. You pick things you like, such as The Steelers, Democrats, Barack Obama, Metro and it gives you sites it thinks you may like. The only problem is I believe you need to download the toolbarwhich makes this time killer not great for work.

And of course, a post is never finished without a photo. This was created by me, using Helvetica of course

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FYI, not sure why but the second half of your post is leaking out of the main entry space and is getting cut off.