Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update: Obama and Bob Casey are Great Americans!!

According to NBC News, President Obama invited several members of Congress over to watch the Superbowl at the White House. John McCain and John Kyl were invited to watch their Arizona Cardinals (*ahem* be defeated), but both men declined. The Steelers were represented by the Pennsylvania Senators, Democrat Bob Casey and Republican Arlen Specter. Though Specter has said he probably won't come, Bob Casey plans to attend and has announced he will bring Pittsburgh-icons the Terrible Towel and Eat'n Park cookies! This literally made me ILOLAW (more here) and jump for joy. I've already discussed the Terrible Towel at length here, but Eat'n Park is proably new to most of you.

As Pittsburghers know, Eat'n Park's the "place for smiles" and is best known for its legendary smiley faced cookie, like the Steeler-themed one shown above (free for kids!). It's a Denny's-esque (though infinitely better) 24 hour diner chain that is local to the Pittsburgh area. Nearly every weekend night of my highschool years eneded up at EnP- after football games, concerts, parties, everything. Needless to say, Casey (though a Philadelphian) just won my vote for his re-election. Specter: the ball is in your court.

Go Steelers!

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