Thursday, January 8, 2009


I've been meaning to write about this topic for days. As many will recall, our good friend Cocktail keeps a blog (here). If you read it, you know that Cocktail and some of his compatriots have coined the term ILOLAW (Inappropriate Laugh(ing) Out Loud At Work). Recently, they submitted the term to Urban Dictionary and ILOLAW is now an official entry. There is also a facebook group dedicated to ILOLAW that I encourage all to visit/join. Here ends the shameless promotion.

Now, everyone is a little prone to some outbursts, especially in an office environment. But some people just go above and beyond in their inappropriateness; those people deserve to be ridiculed.

I have a friend, who is only willing to be identified here as "Cougar", who recently told me about some of her ILOLAW situations . She a great fan of this new terminology and is happy it finally has a name as she has to deal with this situation daily. Couger has a coworker, "Z", that ILOLAWs constantly. Not little titters or giggles, but wholehearted guffaws.

"I don't get it, there I am minding my own business doing my work and suddenly I hear this ear-piercing yelp followed by the loudest laughter I've ever heard. I remember thinking, 'What the f**k was that?!' That was day 1. It's been like that every day since. I don't know what she's laughing about, if she's trying to get attention or what, but it got old... fast."

Our hearts go out to you, Cougar.

Do any of you have ILOLAW stories to share?

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Marc said...


Just saw this post, thank you for sharing the greatness of ILOLAW. Happy to report that ILOLAW is doing great on Urban Dictionary. 70 thumbs up and counting. I have yet to ILOLAW today at work, I hope that changes.