Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Round it

To start with a WSJ article on iTunes being DRM-free from this point forward ... interesting.  If you want any deets about iTunes, DRM, what this means, etc - read the article.

The Times (UK) has a very interesting article about 'Ghost Buses' and 'Parliamentary Trains' - basically services that run to maintain the illusion that service hasn't been disrupted, but that no one uses.  In particular they talked about the DfT's decision to reassign rail cars to another route, effectively discontinuing service on one route.  But due to a law passed in 2005, in order to discontinue service they would have had to hold a public hearing - which they didn't want to deal with, so instead they replaced it with a bus service.  The bus runs empty everyday, and thats the way DfT wants it ... it costs about $1,000 a day to operate by the way.  Very interesting article - read it here.

The Paper of Record had an editorial on Monday about why Obama needs to take Transportation seriously.  Seriously!  He does!  I won't go on and on about this, but you know how I feel ... we need to make transportation infrastructure building and renewal a top priority.  It's here.

In a very interesting move, and something that I agree completely with ... Anne Arundel County has passed a law requiring all newly built homes to have sprinkler systems.  The law will take effect later this year, and you can read the brief WaPo piece here.  I personally think this is a very good step for the County, and will help homeowners in the long run.  If I ever had the opportunity to build my own house, I would certainly include a sprinkler system - the danger of fire is too great.

I just threw up.  An Obama West Wing Intro.  Watch it:

Some articles that I found interesting:

* Lifehacker found an interesting website called WattzOn ... which tracks personal energy consumption, very interesting.  Check it out here.

* Third-Hand Smoke.  What?!  Yes ... apparently its for real.  The BBC reports on how people have to take into account that the fact that people may have been previously smoking in the room.  The toxic particles can linger in the air and cling to fabric.  Interesting, here.

* NYT Op-Ed about G.W. Bush: Here.  I'll save you from a long comment, but in the end I think the man just received a bad hand of cards - and only time will tell for sure.

* On the G.W. Bush note ... AMERICA!  The greatest book ever made, okay jk.  Gawker has a copy of (and an article about) the The Bush Administration's book of accomplishments.  Yes this is a real 100-page book, you have to check it out - here.  (via THatch)

* NYT Op-Ed on Agriculture: Here.  This is something that we never talk about in this country, yet something that will certainly impact the world in our lifetime.  We absolutely decimate our soil and destroy our lands in the name of getting ourselves fed.  I'm personally more passionate about water resources - as I see it as something that will much sooner be an issue - but we need to keep our nation's future safe.

* NYT Op-Ed on the Financial World, and how it will never be the same: Here.  I suggest reading this one for yourself (it is 4 pages H), it is certainly worth the read.

* HuffPo ... on Education: Here.  I would normally never put a HuffPo post in my round-up unless to make fun of it, or point out how blatantly liberal it is ... but this one made some good points.  It talks about what America needs from education - its short and to the point.

* Via NYT, the NYC TLC is testing a 'black box' of sorts in some cabs throughout the city.  The study is expected to last about 13 months - and we will see what comes of it.  (here.)

* Energy Efficient TVs ... hmm, sounds like a good idea to me.  (Here.)

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