Monday, January 5, 2009


A few things I forgot this morning

* Apple news:
1. Steve Jobs is not dying, he's just a little sick.  Via Engadget, here.  NYT, here.
2. Macworld Keynote tomorrow - Noon EST.
2a. TUAW has keynote predictions, here.
3. TUAW says that Apple's market share is 10%, and Windows' is the lowest ever.  Here.  

* I'm sure you heard, but Bill Richardson won't be our next Minister of Commerce, apparently he is just as corrupt as Corr.

* An entire website is gone ... lessons in why to backup.  Some journaling website, JournalSpace, disappeared over the weekend because it only had a single back-up, running a RAID 1 configuration.  Meaning that the data on the backup was just a mirror of the first drive - so when the first drive was for some reason overwritten, the second drive followed suit.  Via TechCrunch, here.

* The Paper of Record is poor :( - starting this morning they have begun to sell adspace on the front page of the paper.  This is a controversial move in the newspaper publishing business, but one that has become increasingly necessary due to declining revenue.  Article here.

* Daily Intel ran a story over the weekend about a bunch of drunk people who had the worst NYE ever.  A Metro-North train broke down just after leaving Bridgeport around 4am, sitting there without electricity (or heat) until a rescue train arrived around 6:30am.  Ugh, that would suck.  Here.

* Do you use iTunes?  Do you rate songs?  You should do both, rating songs really helps you pick out the ones you like.  Anyway - a simple hack (Mac only) allows you to enable half-star ratings.    Via LifeHacker, here.

* GGW has an idea for a new Brown Line ... a shoot off of the Red Line at NY Ave that would rejoin at Silver Spring.  It would serve Bloomingdale/McMillian/AFRH.  Here.

* BrunchDC rounds up the best brunches of 2008.  #1 = Tabard Inn.  Here.

* Rhee!  Rhee!  Rhee!  Rhee has a new plan for teacher professional development.  Here.

* How long will discs be around?  Bluray's future, via The Paper of Record - here.

* Last week I talked about how great Benjamin Button is ... and today Jane Gross over at the NYT has a post about how infancy and old-age are really the same, which is basically what Benjamin Button shows us.  An interesting movie to say the least - here.

* I passed by NextDoor, the new Ben's Chili Bowl place, and it seemed to  be open.  Now I just need to stop in and try it out.

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