Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Am I doing anything but posting?

* All this talk of space policy ... and a new report was just released today regarding the Columbia disaster.  The Paper of Record has a piece here, which has been the most extensive review of the disaster since it occurred ... and will hopefully be used to make the Constellation space program better.

* In case you missed my post on the 30th about the NextBus link found at the Georgetown Metropolitan.  Well here it is again ... just select your route, then your stop, and you can see the next bus!  

* Via DCist, we've got some Rhee news, here!  Sadly its not awesome.  I don't want to steal DCist's entire post ... so to paraphrase - someone went through Rhee's 5-year plan and found the glaring omission of pre-school, pre-k, or even kindergarten.  This is especially odd considering the DC Circus just passed universal pre-k legislation.  Hmmm ... Idk.  Early education is important and Rhee knows that, but maybe she doesn't want to get bogged down ($$$$) in pre-schooling.

* Anyone want to get your hands on some limited edition merchandise.  This is awesome - I just bought some stuff.  I'm stoked.  These will go great along with my fourthree (thanks Joey) Bush-Cheney '04 glasses.  Check it out here!

* Odwalla Bar!  Patchus will find this amusing because we had quite the experience with them last year - also known as taking a bite and then spitting them out.  But I was at CVS the other day and saw them ... and for some reason wasn't thinking of our bad experience and bought them.  I just took one out of my desk and opened it - the second I smelled it I remembered the bad experience ... I decided to try it anyway.  Nope, still disgusting.  So readers, avoid Odwalla Bars at all costs.  Patchus even called their customer service line to ask if they had ever tried one of their bars, the woman didn't seem to want to answer.

* Speaking of CVS ... Why is it CVS/Pharmacy; not CVS Pharmacy, or CVS and Pharmacy, or CVS: Pharmacy Department within?  Anyone know.  It's been on my mind.

* Cavan over at GGW has the scoop on the CCT (Corridor Cities Transitway) ... and hopes that MoCo actually builds the transit if they plan for it.  The idea seems pretty solid and it would definitely be a great boon to business and growth.  Check it out, here.

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