Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happening Now ... Palestine Protest in Foggy Bottom

What I assumed would be a typical Tuesday evening, turned out to be anything but ...

I went to get my haircut with the fabulous Marsha at Shears Hair Salon off of McPherson Square (I've been going to her for 5+ years - she's fantastic!), and while leaving around 6pm, I heard some screaming and chanting in front of the White House. After determining that, no, it wasn't the crazy lady with a helmet glued to her head in Lafayette Park ... I walked over to H and 16th Streets to investigate. There was an enormous march/protest going down H Street toward GW. As this was the way I was walking back to my office, I decided to walk along and see what the commotion was about.

The protesters were screaming "Free Free Palestine" from what I could make out, or perhaps it was "Re-Free Palestine" ... but that doesn't make much sense. There was also a chant "George Bush - you will see /Palestine will be free." I am bad at estimating numbers, but from the mass I saw there were certainly close to 1000 people.

I became a little weary as the people marching turned up Pennsylvania Avenue toward my office at GW ... but I followed along, snapping pictures on my camera phone now and then. I caught up to the front of the protesters as they made a left from Pennsylvania onto 21st Street (with police escort). I legit thought they were going to march right into Kogan Plaza in the center of GW's campus, but I believe they continued down 21st Street toward the mall. I scurried into my office before seeing where their final destination was.

Thoughts on the current issues in Palestine?

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