Friday, January 2, 2009

The Raven

Sooooo I've lived in the Mount Pleasant/Adams Morgan neighborhood for 5 months now. I've enjoyed the eclectic restaurants, the plentiful bus lines, the not-to-subtle police presence, and hell -- I've even grown fond of the that crazy homeless lady that rolls around in her wheelchair at 16th and Harvard. Yet somehow, despite my many adventures in Mount Pleasant/Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights, I had never before found myself in Mount Pleasant's hidden gem -- The Raven. Thanks to DCist's double (albeit sarcastic) mention of the Raven this past Wednesday ... I had to discover what made this little establishment worthy of such renown.

Last night, my friend GWDrew was in town and I took him out to show him the 'hood. As with anyone who rarely ventures outside the boundaries of Foggy Bottom during his tenure in the Distrcit (read: any GW undergrad past or present) -- Mount Pleasant was not exactly familiar territory. So, it required a little coaxing, but I took Drew and a few of our friends to Haydee's (3102 Mount Pleasant Street NW), my favorite Mexican/Latin American restaurant in town. Haydee's is an extremely wonderful treasure in Mount Pleasant -- it has cheap margaritas, fried plantains that will change your life, and conversations with the waitstaff that often improve (or rather, force you to employ) your basic understanding of the Spanish language. I adore it.

After we were properly sloshed from our margaritas, we proceeded to skip stumble mosey across the street to the world-class establishment known as the Raven Grill. We were immediately transported into some type of time warp that simultaneously encompassed the late 50s, mid-80s, next Thursday afternoon, and those (all-to-frequent) nights in college that you involuntarily have erased from your consciousness.

The Raven has cheap beer (none on tap, though), great prices on liquor, and incredible music. The jukebox alone is worth the trip, actually ... but I'll also give a nod to the good company (read: not a tourist for miles), fantasticly ridiculous wall art, and a true dive-bar atmosphere rarely found in Washington. The place makes Matchbox in Chinatown look like a vacuous warehouse, but this tiny watering hole has enough personality to rival any major bar in the city.

If you've never been - you're missin' out.


Rose, Washington DC said...

excellent..i am a bad mt. pleasant resident and have frequented neither, but they are on my to-do list. this post inspires me. have you hit radius pizza yet?
-- rosie

GWCharlie said...

I haven't yet hit up Radius pizza ... perhaps we can schedule a date with the roomies there soon??

I hear Radius Pizza has wine night on Wednesday, where you either get a free bottle of wine ... or you can bring your own without a corking fee ... I forget. Let's go!

Rose, Washington DC said...

oohhh.. you are right!

Wine Night Some restrictions Apply. Please ask your server.
Every Wednesday night receive a free bottle of select wine with the purchase of any appetizer and large pizza or any two entrées

i am down...wanna go weds??