Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New York vs DC

After visiting New York, I decided to do a comparison, New York vs DC. Naturally I have Bias categories, such as cupcakes, but it is still interesting.

Magnolias vs Georgetown Cupcake
-Magnolias cupcake, [pictured] was actually very sweet. Although on the same price range as Georgetown it lacked a good icing. They used too much convectional sugar, and not enough frosting. 
Although Magnolias makes cupcakes throughout the day, and has a wait time on cupcakes (it was 30 minutes for a red velvet).  Georgetown (to my belief, and please cupcake experts correct me), only has three shifts that they make cupcakes, early morning, mid day and late afternoon. Most of their cupcakes are simply "sold out".  Magnolias reminded me of hellocupcake, and I am not a fan.
Magnolias sells to customers of the Village, south of Chelsea ("the gay") district, and normally has a line of 15/30 minutes; while G-town sells to a modest 30 minute crowd in the Georgetown area
Magnolias decorates their cupcakes a lot better than the lemon candy piece that G-town puts.

National Christmas Tree vs Rockefeller Plaza. This almost seems like a Public vs Private competitions. Rockefeller Plaza [pictured] comes from my home town (well close to it anyway), Hamilton New Jersey. It seems like all that nuclear waste seems to have done some good. It does not appear to have the same cone shape that the national Christmas tree has.  
Be your own Judge DCites

That's all for now.

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Emily said...

Rockefeller Tree is definitely better, no competition. But the National Christmas Tree is a charming second, especially since they have the yule log.