Sunday, December 28, 2008

Its Driving me crazy

While i was home, i noticed that gas companies have attempted to rob the American people of their freedom. They have now moved to a "Cash" or "Credit" difference in price. That means if you use cash, it saves you about 10 cents per gallon. This is so un-american, and against the law frankly. 



Wannabe, P.A. said...

Cash is legal tender, credit is not. Is it unamerican to not accept AmEx?

Tim S said...

Wannabe ... first off nice blog.

Secondly. While I have accepted certain gas stations charging more for using credit ... I agree with Patchus and find it ridiculous. I personally don't understand people who use cash for transactions. Even if you are so against a credit card, use a debit card. Cash slows things down ... cards make it faster and easier for everyone.

And yes -- it is certainly not American not not accept Amex. When I go somewhere and am told they don't accept Amex, my opinion of that business drops significantly. Businesses have their reasons (wanting to save $$), but if you are a good business - you know the Amex card holders will be back.

Murph said...

First of all, I like your blog Tim and co.

Second, you cannot forget that the credit card companies charge the gas stations a percentage of the sale for allowing customers to use credit. Therefore, by making prices cheaper for cash the gas stations are actually able to make more money and charge a lower rate. I would say that we should be glad they are doing that rather than raising the prices to make up for the charge.
Now I can agree that it is silly to have to carry enough cash to fill up your car. Credit is much more convenient and it prevents you from carrying obscene amounts of cash everywhere you go. So I hope that this is not a continuing trend.

Keep up the good posts.

Tim S said...

Tom, good to see you are reading.

I generally find it a disturbing trend when credit card users are charged more ... though I doubt we will ever see it on luxury goods. I suppose since gas is really needed, the gas stations can get away with it.

Interestingly enough I learned a few months ago that shops that charge a credit card minimum are violating their Terms of Service with Visa or MasterCard. Apparently no minimums are allowed to be charged, but due to the fact that businesses get their machines from issuing banks - there is no central place to contact with grievances, and thus there is no real enforcement of the provision. Just an interesting Credit note.

Murph said...

I would like to try and use that next time a place says they have a minimum and I do not want to spend the extra money to meet it. However, it is good to know that a minimum cannot be imposed.

Emily said...

Frankly, I see no problem with charging less for paying in cash. People don't use cash enough, and thus they are continually getting more and more in debt.

Plus, I like saving 10 cents a gallon. Not to mention that paying in cash is not a big deal since gas prices have come down -- it only costs about $20 to fill my tank versus the $50 it cost this summer.