Friday, January 2, 2009


While I'm sure I'll have time to post some of the day's interesting stories later on, for now a very quick and important announcement:

Cocktail has ended his campaign of injustice against the denizens of Pittsburgh! In a post he wrote yesterday, he finally relented and has agreed to write an entire entry dedicated to the Steel City. He specifically noted the hard work of many of you, dear readers, in convincing him to change his policy. Good work!! Read the announcement here.

Here's a copy of another email from a good friend (Dan!) who emailed Cocktail to lobby him for this great cause:

I noticed that in your planned series on 'going home' you are planning a section about the 'rest' of PA, but not Pittsburgh. I strongly encourage you to include an independent post about the Steel City. The home of the "Stillers" is far different than surrounding communities of the Amish. Pittsburgh has its own joie de vivre -- unique from that of the rest of the state and worth exploring in its own right.

When you cover it, please discuss such local traditions as pierogies, Primanti Bros., Heinz Ketchup and the Strip District, not to mention Shady Side for the arts, the Incline, the difference between the South and North Hills and of course other neighborhoods that have their own traditions and unique characteristics.

I hope none of you are are at work today. Unfortunately, I do...

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