Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why am I in the office...

* The latest in the saga between TV Network distributors and cable companies has taken an ugly turn.  Viacom has scheduled a fee increase for their MTV Network channels - about 20 in all, including Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, and Spike.  And Time Warner Cable is refusing to pass that fee along to consumers.  If no compromise is reached, the channels will be shut off effective midnight tonight.  Viacom has been taking out full page ads in the newspaper telling Time Warner customers to call and urge Time Warner to change their position on the matter.  The Paper of Record - here.  You can see a video from the WSJ, cite H - here.  NYT ArtsBeat also has a take on it, here.

Okay ... this is getting to be ridiculous.  It is Viacom's content, they can charge whatever they want for it.  If people don't like the price they simply won't get that package.  Time Warner is not on some crusade for the consumer as they claim to be - they are just in a petty fight with Viacom trying to prove who is stronger.   I mean I don't even know what to say - anytime I hear about things like this happening I just get really upset, its bothersome and makes me hate cable companies even more.

* Ford Fusion Hybrid: 41 mpg city; 36 mpg highway.  It's a mid size, and will cost about $27,000 when it goes on sale this Spring.  Here.  This may seem like an interesting time to release a pretty awesome Hybrid, but I think it will prove itself for Ford in the long run.

* Back in 2002 when I took my first SAT II ... I took three of them, even though I was only supposed to take one - that was because they had Score Choice.  So if I didn't do well, I didn't have to release the scores to any school.  That was the last year they did that, and did away with Score Choice.  Well apparently its back - except this time for the SAT I.  The College Board is saying it will help to reduce stress; I am saying it will help to reduce the effectiveness of the SAT.  Some selective schools are not that happy - and say that they would prefer to see all the scores, knowing that students could do really poorly their first time around, and I have to agree with the policy.  I really can't believe the College Board is trying to bring back score choice.  Via The Paper of Record, cite GWSkank - here.

* WaPo has 2008 in review ... 5 pages of it.  A good read.  Here.

* The Obama's will be moving to DC this weekend ... the girls start school on Monday.  They are moving to an undisclosed hotel suite.  Via The Paper of Record - here.

* The Federal Government is tightening their no smoking rules at Federal buildings.  As per a new GSA regulation published last week, smoking is now to take place 25 feet from buildings.  It is also banned in courtyards and previously approved 'smoking-rooms' in certain buildings.  Via WaPo, here.

* NYT CityRoom ran the greatest headline to a post ever this morning, Choice of Kennedy for Senate No Longer Seem Inevitable ... Oh CityRoom, so right - thank you!  Here.

* Don't drink and drive tonight.  1-800-200-TAXI.  SoberRide sponsored by ... someone.

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