Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I know Corrupt already commented on this - but I have a different opinion.

For the first time in a long time ... I can say that I respect a sitting Democratic Governor ... Rod Blagojavich is that man. He ... like all American people is innocent until proven guilty. And says he has done nothing wrong and will remain in his role as Governor - and he has the right to do that. Whether or not you disagree with his decision, it is his decision to make - and he is choosing to carry out the duties of his office.

Of course things just get even better ... in no surprising move at all the US Senate Democrats led by left-winger Harry Reid have announced they will not allow Mr. Blagojavich's nominee, Mr. Burris, to be sat. That is rich ... the Senate thinks they can prevent a fellow Senator from entering their body. I'm sorry Mr. Reid we have laws in this country. Please learn to uphold them. Even left-winger Corrupt has said that the 1969 SCOTUS ruling in Powell v. McCormack allows for Mr. Burris to be seated, no matter what Mr. Reid seems to think.

To add icing to the cake liberal mudslinger Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says he will refuse to certify Mr. Blagovich's appointment. Who do these people think they are?

I know almost everyone out there reading this will be up in arms about this post, including Corrupt, but I think Mr. Blagojavich is perfect within line. Nowhere in the Illinois Constitution is Mr. Blagojavich forced to resign for being accused of a crime. The man has not has his day in court.

Do I think he is guilty? Of course; he's a Democrat, they are all corrupt.
But the fact still stands the man is Governor and has the power to appoint anyone he so pleases to this seat.

Editors Note: This post is partially satire.

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