Friday, January 2, 2009

Traveling, Cars and People

*Danica Patrick
According to the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) here , Danica Patrick , if you dont know who she is (Click Here or Here). It is a Sheam that they let her drive, not because she is a women but because she drives really fast. If you make that much money you should have some one drive you to resist the temptation [of speeding that is]. What was she speeding so fast for, dinner was burning in the oven (not my words).

*Luggage Machines
As the AJC states here luggage weighting scales have been off by a few pounds. Now as most people know, i hate spending money on stupid fees. I think when i fly today (and next week, both times) i will insist them to use another scale. It is a really interesting article, considering they only put 40 pounds and it kept reading 52 pounds

*Refusal to sit
NY Times, citing here writes about refusing to sit a Senator, the last time this happened was during the Civil War, or so i recall anyway

*Yes Man
Go see it, it is really good. Funny and precise.


PAW said...

What exactly are my luggage restrictions if I fly in the US? Like, let's say I was flying from London to NY, then NY to Seattle, would I have to only have one bag for that last leg?

Tim S said...

There are no actual restrictions - you just have to pay.