Friday, January 2, 2009

Avoid these Foods, But do enjoy

So after Shea's post on Odwalla Barrs, I decided to do a quick synopsis on things I think one should avoid, and others to enjoy.

- Avoid! Their food is Patchetic, in all honesty, i would rather bite a Fluoride bar than attempt to eat one of those bars.

-Enjoy! This is a tricky task one can have trouble finding where to get one. Avoid Johnny Rockets, but (for those of you in the foggy bottom area) try Conney Island, or even Heidi's, both of those are trust worthy places to eat.

-Avoid and Enjoy. I say this because not all cupcake stores are treated equally, to this day I stand by G-town cupcake.  However, i am yet to try Red Velvet . Although thanks to George Bush, inflation has caused the cupcake market to hit 3.25 a piece.

- Enjoy. Question, what is a meal? Answer, Main Course with a side. Example, Sizzling Chicken, with a side of potatoes and green beans. I think everyone should splurge for 2009, and get a meal. It is a compacted verison of variety. And spreads your calories into different categories, thus not fatting up all on starches or meats.

Cliff Bar
Enjoy. I encourage all to visit their website to find out the nutrition facts. Three simple reasons. 1. Reasonably Priced 2. Compacted Energy 3. Tasty (well as good as an energy bar can get).

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Tim S said...

cliff bars are great