Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blago, Blago, Blago

Quick update, and my two cents to SHEAm's newest pseudo-satirical abomination.

Apparently Roland Burris is under the impression that his appointment isn't an issue. While he might have a legitimate view that his appointment is fully legal and appropriate, he'd have to be living on another planet to not think it was a controversial move. For the first time this makes me question his ability to serve...

Providing some historical perspective: Obama backed Burris in the last statewide primary for the Governorship... over Blago. But Obama has agreed with the Senate Democrats that he should not be seated and that any appointment made by Blago while under scrutiny for trying to sell that very same seat is toxic.

Now on to commentary in response to SHEAm: let's get a few things straight. First off - Harry Reid is a pro-life Mormon from a relatively conservative state. Hardly a left-winger. And more importantly, he's a former boxer and used to run the Nevada Gaming Commission. While running the commission he was repeatedly threatened, had a bomb attached to his car, and served as an FBI informant and busted an attempted bribe from La Toya Jackson's manager. A character in the movie Casino was based on him. He also went to GWU. Translation: Don't mess with Harry Reid. He's badass.

As for the appointment: I think at this point very few people are making the argument that Blago cannot under any circumstances appoint Burris. The state Supreme Court made it clear that the Attny Gen can't remove him or suspend him for being 'incapacitated', etc. And I absolutely agree that anyone who is charged or indicted is innocent until proven guilty. The issue really boils down to: how can this guy even pretend to be functioning as Governor and doing the people's work when he spends the vast majority of his time hunkered down with legal counsel trying to fight these criminal charges?!? And it just adds insult to injury that not only is he making this appointment under a general cloud of scrutiny that would already undermine whomever he appointed, but Blago is being investigated for selling that very Senate seat!

All in all, it's a mess. Blago, step down for your own sake and the sake of your state.

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