Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The blog review edition

Okay ... for all of the 3 people who read this out there, you may or may not be surprised that this is not my first venture into blogging.  All the way back in the Spring of 2005 there was a great blog out there called the Daily Sheabird.  It used to be located at - which hopefully will one day be back.  The Sheabird was far from daily, but it offered some excellent coverage on the GWU SA/MCGB/PB elections of 2005.  I had a good time making fun of a ton of people, made fun of the Daily Colonial which is an illegitimate source of news on GW's campus, and took most jokes way too far.  Anyway ... the Daily Sheabird was shut down - which was probably for the best.  And although I have had many false starts since then - I think my blogging days are back, and hopefully I won't offend too many people.  Although if Mr. Bojangles, Jim Graham, is offended I think I am doing my job.

As a sidebar on the whole Mr. Bojangles thing - I know I said I would be using it exclusively when referring to Councilman Graham, but I realized that in the 21st Century the world is run by Google.  So it will be my goal that when someone Google's Mr. Graham's name - this blog comes up.  By the way Bojangles, if your staff has a Google Alert out for you - I'd be happy to sit down and discuss my opinion of your actions anytime.

Okay ... Sorry about that whole sidebar.  The point of this post was a blog review, and today I will be talking about Cocktail Blog.  Cocktail Blog is not a blog about Cocktails, it is a by run by Marc Abanto - who is affectionately known as Cocktail, although I have never really been sure if he likes that nickname.  He has a great blog and I really encourage you check it out over at - - add it to your RSS Reader, or start checking it daily ... its really funny.  The reason I decided to write about Cocktail's blog today was a post he had about ILOLAW, which I have never heard of.  Apparently its an acronym for Inappropriately Laughing Out Loud At Work - and I generally hope that at least some of the stuff we put up here entertains you enough to do just that.

And cocktail - Blogger/Blogspot thinks internet is spelled incorrectly because it thinks that the internet is a proper noun ... and should be Internet - I don't get it either.

The other reason why I love Cocktail's blog is the weekly post known as the Moron on the Week.  He also has a similar, but daily, For the Win/For the Loss - which is similar.  Anyway, this week I made two nominations - DC Metropolitan area's best Friend, John Catoe, and DC's favorite Circus performer, Mr. Bojangles (Jim Graham).  Unfortunately it seems that Cocktail agrees with Bojangles and wants those little kids to get really drunk, so he didn't chose him for the Moron of the Week voting - but Catoe made it!  So go now - click here - read about Catoe's failure this week, and be sure to vote on the sidebar poll.

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Marc said...


I figured since you provided a shout out on my blog, I would provide the response on yours.

1) The fact that you gave a shout out to the Daily Sheabird absolutely made my day.

2) Thanks for the props man, I appreciate it. I would love for ILOLAW to continue to grow. I forgot to mention in the post that I plan on submitting it to Wikipedia when someone I don't know says "ILOLAW" to me without my prompting them.

3) As for the blogger/blogspot thing, I mean, I understand why blogger is flagging it, but I think its absolutely ridiculous. We should start a movement to fix this.

4) As for Mr. Bojangles, yea I read the article, and almost found myself nodding in agreement with the bill. Maybe it was all those years of going out in one of the strictest cities on the planet, but I don't know.

Either way, I'm throwing Connetiquette on my blog roll.