Monday, December 15, 2008

Jim Graham ... likes drunk kids

Let me start this post off by making something clear: Underage drinking is acceptable.  And the drinking age should be lowered to 13 ... but for now the drinking age is 21, and that means that minors should be unable to buy/drink liquor.  Do whatever you want behind closed doors ... In fact, I encourage you to drink behind closed doors - you just can't go out -- sorry.

I was shocked to see this WaPo post from Loose Lips this morning over at the City Desk.  Councilman Jim Graham has introduced legislation to give bar/club owners who are caught serving a minor a warning on their first offense.  It is currently a $1000 fine and the suspension of their license for 2 days.  I'm sorry ... are you kidding me?  A warning?  What is this pre-school?  Even more ridiculous is Graham's reasoning after listening to the testimony ... "a distracted employee or an employee who didn't understand the importance of checking ID. These were not cases of places that just didn't care." what!?  hahaha.

Lets go over this ... 'an employee who didn't understand the importance of checking ID' - that place deserves to be shut down for a week.  If the employees don't understand that they have to check ID, what else aren't they clear on?  Perhaps they aren't clear on washing their hands after going to the bathroom, or not spitting in customers food.  Lame excuse.

Excuse 2 ... 'distracted employee' - if a jail guard was to be distracted and left a cell door open, would we take pity on him.  If that same restaurant was too distracted to realize that he was pouring rum into my Rose Kennedy ... would I be pleased with him?  should the management?  NO.


Oh ps ... Jim Graham also called DC's capitol of underage drinking -- Lauriol Plaza -- a respectable place.  They are respectable about making great Margaritas ... that is about it.  Checking IDs -- not so much.

I won't forget this Jim Graham.  This is just unreal.  I'm sorry.  How much are these people paying you to introduce this legislation.

In case you were wondering DC's ABC Board is completely against it.

The Council has tentatively approved the measures and is voting for sure tomorrow.

To find your Councilman - visit here!   Please contact him/her today!
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