Saturday, December 20, 2008

The gays

1. Morgan, please stop copypasting wikipedia entries about Pittsburgh on this blog. It's a lovely city, I'm sure, but we are all capable of researching the merits of Pittsburgh at our own leisure. I promise to prepare a 20 page research paper of the wonderful contributions that Pittsburgh and its people have made to society ... if you simply stop copypasting from Wikipedia.

2. Jon Stewart recently had a great bit on his show about gay marriage while interviewing Mike Huckabee. I think Jon Stewart really hit the nail on the head in this interview. The core of the gay marriage issue is, in my opinion, the social conservative notion that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. My favorite line:
Stewart: “I live in New York City, so I’m going to make a supposition that I have more experience being around [gay people],” he told Huckabee. “And I’ll tell you this: religion is far more of a choice than homosexuality.”
Until the masses understand that homosexuality is not a choice, we will continue to hear the arguments that gay marriage will lead to polygamy, marrying animals, etc. Until people understand that you have as much choice on your sexual orientation as you do on your race or ethnicity ... we're never going to get anywhere. Beyond the complex legal or religious arguments, people need to understand that homosexuality isn't a choice. Plain and simple.

Check out the clip:

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