Saturday, December 20, 2008

Enough with Warren

This post is not going to be a Corrupt-esque shock that Obama chose the guy to give a speech. I'm honestly shocked that we are still talking about it ... it just proves how stupid and near-sighted most gays are. I predict that Corrupt with have a response to this ... something from the partisan left, but I look forward to it.

Obama doesn't support the gays anymore than John McCain would have. Obama, feels the same way - they are here, they are queer, and I don't care. Warren hates gays, blah blah blah ... yes we know that. Is he going to talk about homosexuality during inauguration; I doubt it. Does Obama like him for reasons non-withstanding of his position on homosexuality; probably. In all honesty, I am not in the least bit surprised - and therefore I don't care. Obama was never going to be the saviors that the gays expected him to be.

I'm going to say this (even though its going to drive Corrupt, and his other Obama-partisan politics-friends, off the charts), Obama supporters voted in favor of Prop8. The endless GOTV efforts throughout California helped Prop8 succeed, it wasn't the only reason - but it was one of many. I just had to say that.

Anyway - Warren. I think a great point was made in the VP-Debate between Conductor Biden and Games man Palin ... they both have the same position on gays. Both parties do, both campaigns did. They don't care what gays do, what happens to us, what doesn't happen to us. Biden and Obama just aren't concerned with it - its just that simple. It's clearly not a big issue for any major party. And here we are ... wasting our energy once again on something so inconsequential. Seeing the movie Milk, in which Harvey Milk organized universal support to defeat Prop6 - allowing the State of California the power to fire teachers for being gay. Why can't we do that today? What's wrong with the gay community?

Well for one ... The Human Rights Campaign is a money pit. As a supporter of gays, you are likely to get more results from putting your donation towards a drink than you would by giving it to HRC. They get nothing done. They just dilly-dally about, accomplishing nothing - and I'm sick of it. We need real leaders to motivate people ... not Joe Solmonese sending out daily emails about what matters and how they need more money to raise his salary a little higher.

Sorry about that whole long rant - point is ... Obama doesn't care about the gays now and didn't pretend to care about them when you voted for him in the primaries and general election. Get over it. Let's start tackling some bigger issues ...

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