Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cupcakes or Icecream, the Dessert Battle Again?

Patchus Propanga had already decided that pie was the ultimate winner in dessert, although the blogger is pro cupcake, he knew Pie made America more American.

Although Patchus believes cupcakes are awesome, other bloggers such as "Cupcake, take the cake" do not agree.

My Response to their comments follows. *** Please note that the opinions on both of those blogs, does not represent the opinions of the authors or editors on the Connetiquette Ave******

I disagree, those people that wait in line for 1/2 hour in order to get cupcakes are not in a cult, they are dedicated eaters. Cupcakes also have as much diversity in flavor icecream. The _______ new cupcake is interesting, i wonder what cupcake was the new of, Frozen Yogurt, Coffee, Slurpees ,or Cookies.

Now Cold Stone Ice Cream already tried to become successful, and they did, but then they died, what happen?

A cupcake is great as a birthday gift, or even a Christmas gift. A person can buy a half dozen of cupcakes and eat them throughout the week, ice cream melts in about an hour after ones gets it. Who eats ice cream when its 20 degrees out. The Average Temperature(S) for the country only allow for 6 months of ice cream consumption. [This of course is based of a 65 Degree ice cream tolerance]. That means six months of the year, ice cream stores would not be selling that well. I walked by both Tangysweet and the new frozen yogurt store in Georgetown; neither of these two stores had lines. However, i had to wait until 15 minutes in order to get my Georgetown cupcake.

Cupcakes will not die!

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