Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama Drama Day 2

Ok, so maybe this pales in comparison to the Illinois Governor flap, but this one is 100% Obama's responsibility, so I'll call the choice of Rick Warren the real Drama.

Anyway, the President-Elect and his spokespeople have issued a few statements since the blogosphere has gotten riled up that basically amounts to, "We hear you. But deal with it." This 'tough luck' attitude has only served to further show that the transition team didn't only anticipate this anger, but were quite likely looking forward to it. As a chance to show the rest of the country, and most importantly the right, that he doesn't have to cow-tow to his base and he's willing to take some heat from the left, Mr. Obama is making a small political gamble that he hopes will pay large political dividends.

I for one am particularly disturbed by what seems to be the purposeful exclusion of anyone in the GLBT community in this decision making process. It would have been courteous to at least consult (or even inform!) any of Mr. Obama's many allies in the gay community about this decision. That would have shown the incoming administration at least understands what a slap in the face this decision really is for many of us.

Furthermore, while the religious right is getting a tip of the hat with the selection of Pastor Warren, would it be too much to ask for even a gentle acknowledgment of the other side here?

In any case, here is a great article from Salon by Mike Madden. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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