Monday, December 15, 2008

Continuing the banter on adult beverages ...

Nothing like the topic of alcohol to get a bunch of 20-somethings riled up!

I'm siding with Morgan (and thus Jim Graham) on the issue of adjusting the penalties on catching underage drinkers in bars. Lowering the excessive fines for bars that accidentally allow underage drinking is not the worst thing in the world. As long as the law is still actively enforced, I don't believe bars need to be threatened with unreasonable financial implications when a few sneaky teens fool a bouncer. No one is endorsing serving minors, obviously ... the penalties just need to be made a bit more reasonable.

As for Senators Feinstein and Bennett trying to wield their influence on the council's decision to keep bars open to 5am ... I'm ready to explode. I read/heard someone joking that the council should do something absurd in response -- such as passing a resolution suggesting that CA and UT drivers should refrain from driving on Thursdays ... and while that's not going to happen, completely ignoring Feinstein and Bennett will do just fine by me. I happen to think that keeping bars open to 5am will actually help law enforcement, as there won't be enormous masses pouring out of every bar at 2:30-3:00 -- there will instead by gradual/continuous departures throughout the evening. Then again, I'm no expert on law enforcement ... just as Feinstein and Bennett are not experts on Washington outside of Capitol Hill.

And with that ... I could use a drink. Haha - see everyone at Showtunes tonight ...

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