Monday, December 15, 2008

Metro says 'f--- off' to Google Transit

Are you kidding me?

John Catoe and team are utterly ridiculous ... this is unreal.

I saw this over at infosnack - posted by Michael - that Metro has declined a partnership with Google Transit.  Um ... why?

This is metro's official stance, which Michael got directly from the Horses' mouth - Brett Tyler, Metro's Director of Customer [Dis]Servcice:

Metro staff did explore some possibilities with Google, but ultimately we decided that forming a partnership with Google was not in our best interest from a business perspective. We do believe that Metro's newly redesigned Web site,, improves customers' access to information about the Metro system. In addition, customers may get real-time information and bus and rail schedules directly on their cell phones or PDAs.

These people are just not real.  Yea okay -- Metro's website is nice and all.  Great.  Why don't you want Google Transit to help more people out.  It is almost like they enjoy pissing people off.

Anyway - Mike and Dave Alpert (over at GGW) wrote up this petition - please sign it and tell John Catoe to stop going out of his way to piss off Metro's customers.  Here it is.

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