Friday, December 19, 2008

Travel, and Do it Now

As the Pound hits the lowest point in history to the European Currency, known as the EURO; it never seemed as good a time to travel the world. (Article on said statement)

Yet, where should i go?
- London maybe?

Since the district is currently experiencing a brutal wind,cold and rain mixture travel seems only obvious.

Here is weather around the Connetiquette
(Current / High)

Tim - 34/33 with Heavy snow ( Good luck with that, might want to get the shuffel)
Morgan - 36 with Rain
Patchus - 40/48 with rain [ training into 36/38 rain ]
Charlie - 60 and Cloudy

Happy Friday!


PAW said...

OMG COME VISIT ME FOR NEW YEARS! Anthony is coming down from Leeds...partayy?

GWCharlie said...

I'm in DC through Christmas, actually, not the ATL ... current conditions here are yucky with a slight chance of shitty.

Patchus said...

Sorry Charlie, my apologies. I hope it clears up, maybe it will get cold and snow.