Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday Musings

**This morning I walked past the Adam's Morgan Festivus pole and caught the end of one of the readings. I read over a few of the festivus posts and thought I'd share (well, paraphrase) one of my favorites:

Also, GW Undergrads:
If it's cold enough to wear those boots with fur on them, then it's also too goddamn cold to wear short skirts and skanky tops.

**Dominos pizza always serves as a deliciously greasy solution for weekend hangovers. For those days when you're so hungover you can't even get off the couch, you can order Domino's right from your tivo remote. While Tim and I were impressed at the ease and overt laziness convenience of the service, we find that it's still easier to order from a computer.

**If you've been looking for some cute boys in faerie wings (honestly, who hasn't?!), or perhaps you're in need of a reprieve from overdosing on holiday music ... check out the musical Were the World Mine, playing at the Landmark E Street Cinema this week. Totally gratuitous and absurdly gay, but enjoyable nonetheless. I don't know that I agree with the review that suggested the movie was so great that "Hedwig had better move over," but any music-loving homo (or hag) should check it out during its one week engagement at E Street (it first aired during the GLBT Film Festival a few weeks back).

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