Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DC Escalators

The line at the Foggy Bottom Metro wrapped all the way around the med school last night. This came as a surprise, when my roommate first broke the story to me. I questioned his comments, but they surely were confirmed as we went to Froggy Bottom Pub, and passed the metro. The lines were so long people began reading books, listening to ipods, and some even sat on the saturated ground. Allow me to elaborate on how crazy this is. People were waiting in line to essentially wait in line, then again to wait for a Metro car to come. Now lines do suck, and of course DC is full of them. I do have a point with this post, and bear with me here. If the Metro has problems getting people home from work on a Monday (a regular work day at that), what are they going to do come Inauguration? We are talking 5 million plus people coming into the greater DC area. That is about 4 million MORE PEOPLE, that means if we do our math correctly, people will be standing in line at SIZZEX!!!!! So i say to WMATA, for the sake of everyone fix the elevators and increase your efficiency.

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